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Unlock your earning potential in our affiliate program.

Fast-Growing Product That Sells Itself

Join our affiliate program today and promote a hot-selling product that practically sells itself.

Dedicated Affiliate Dashboard

Access your exclusive affiliate dashboard, your hub for tracking performance, accessing marketing materials, and boosting earnings.

Up to 20% Recurring Commission

Enjoy the benefits of up to 20% recurring commission on each sale. Your earnings grow with every customer you bring in.

Up to 60€ Monthly Bonus

Our monhtly bonus mean the more you sell, the more you earn. Scale your affiliate success with our rewarding commission structure.

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Affiliate Program - Dashboard

Our commissions and tiers

Elevate your affiliate journey to unlock greater earnings with increasing sales and higher commissions!

Monthly Bonus
Tier 1: Silver

Tier I

0-9 sales per month to stay in this tier.

  • 10% of all sales.
  • Eligibility for monthly bonus.
  • A minimum balance of €20 to withdraw.
Tier 2: Bronze

Tier II

10-19 sales per month to stay in this tier.

  • 15% of all sales.
  • Eligibility for monthly bonus.
  • A minimum balance of €20 to withdraw.
Tier 3: Gold

Tier III

20+ sales per month to stay in this tier.

  • 20% of all sales.
  • Eligibility for monthly bonus.
  • A minimum balance of €20 to withdraw.

Milestone Level #1

5 sales per month

10€ bonus

Milestone Level #2

10 sales per month

20€ bonus

Milestone Level #3

15 sales per month

30€ bonus

Milestone Level #4

20 sales per month

40€ bonus

Milestone Level #5

25 sales per month

50€ bonus

Milestone Level #6

30 sales per month

60€ bonus

Tier 1

Commission =

(10% (Commission Rate) × (Sale − Coupon Cut (if applicable)))

Tier 1: Silver

Tier 2

Commission =

(15% (Commission Rate) × (Sale − Coupon Cut (if applicable)))

Tier 2: Bronze

Tier 3

Commission =

(20% (Commission Rate) × (Sale − Coupon Cut (if applicable)))

Tier 3: Gold

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Lets make a custom plan for you!

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How withdraws work?

Learn more about affiliate payouts and the program's withdrawal process in-Depth

Accumulate a Minimum Balance

Accumulate 15$ to make your first withdrawal!

Withdrawal processing time

Withdrawal requests are processed within 5 business days.

Withdraw Method

We use your link to transfer the amounts.

Withdraw Taxes and Fees

We are not responsible for PayPal withdrawal fees, including transfer and currency conversion fees.

Requesting a withdrawal

In the affiliate dashboard, you will have an option to "Request Withdrawal".

What are you waiting?

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Frequent Questions

Who Can Join Your Affiliate Program?

Anyone can join! Simply create an account on our website, go to the affiliate section on your dashboard, and join the program from there.

Is There a Cost to Join the Program?

No, there is no cost to join. It's open to everyone.

Are There Guidelines for Promoting Products?

Yes, we have guidelines for product promotion. Please refer to our affiliate dashboard for details.

Can Affiliates Promote in Multiple Markets or Countries?

Yes, affiliates can promote in multiple markets and countries.

What Are the Terms and Conditions of the Program?

For detailed terms and conditions, please visit our Terms and Conditions, section 11.

How Can I Monitor My Performance as an Affiliate?

You can track your performance through our detailed dashboard tool, which provides an Overview, Sales, Bonus, Marketing, and Withdraw information.

How Can I Leave the Program if I Wish to?

If you wish to leave the program, please contact us via Discord or email.

Any more questions?

Let us clear all your doubts!

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