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Phoenix Crates

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Phoenix Lobby

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Phoenix Lobby

Lobby Bungeecord Velocity Proxy Plugins
Phoenix Lobby is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly Minecraft lobby plugins available. This plugin combines the best features from multiple lobby plugins and not only offers a wide range of exciting features, but it also has user-friendly interfaces and automation systems to make your life easier. With our plugin, you'll be able to easily access and customize all of the features to your liking, making it simple to create the ultimate lobby experience.
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Key Stats

  • All in one plugin
  • Multi-lobby support
  • No Dependencies
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Bungeecord & Velocity Compability
  • Minecraft Versions: 1.8-1.20+
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What is Phoenix Lobby?

This advanced tool brings together a variety of top-notch features from other lobby plugins, all in one convenient package. From essential systems and exclusive perks to automation systems and user-friendly interfaces, our plugin has it all.

With PhoenixLobby, you'll have the power to easily access and tailor every aspect of your lobby to your liking, creating the perfect experience for you and your players. Give it a try and see for yourself!



  • Easily editable yml files.
  • Plugin Messages/Texts 100% configurable.
  • Customizable Scoreboard
  • Customizable Tablist
  • Customizable items
    • Server Selector
    • Lobby Selector
    • Player Visibility
    • + create your own
  • Customizable chat format + colors
  • Messages announcer
  • Customizable Motd
  • Npcs with 4 types
    • Giant Items
    • Flying heads
    • Custom models (Using Model Engine)
    • Player Models (Using Citizens)
  • Customizable menus
    • Server Selector
    • Lobby Selector
    • + create your own
  • Customizable world rules
  • Customizable actions when interacting with anything (joining server, double jumping, clicking npc, etc.)
  • Double Jump
  • Launch Pad
  • Anti-World Downloader
  • Multi Word support
  • Data Storage in SQLite, MySQL and MariaDB
  • User-friendly in-game editor


  • Bungeecord & Velocity support
  • Customizable Motd
  • Multi-lobby support
  • Queue System
  • Automatic lobby redirection system
  • Kick-forward for lobbying
  • Knowledge of lobbies in the network and automatic configuration


  • Support PlaceholderAPI for commands and messages
  • Support Citizens for npcs
  • Support ModelEngine for npcs


Flying Head Npc Flying Head Npc
Huge Item Npc Huge Item Npc
Custom Model Npc Custom Model Npc (requires ModelEngine)
Player Npc Player Npc (requires Citizens)


See the main videos of our plugin and how it works.



  1. Install PhoenixLobby-2.2.jar into your "Plugins" folder.
  2. Start your server.
  3. Configure the plugin by yml file or by GUI menu.
  4. Restart your server.

You can use PlugMan to reload the plugin whenever you want although this plugin have a command to do that but we always recommend stopping the server and starting it.

If you are using a proxy you need to put this plugin on the proxy plugins folder as well.



  • /plobby spawn - Teleport to spawn location
  • /plobby setspawn - Set spawn location
  • /plobby createNpc <identifier> - Create npc type
  • /plobby deleteNpc <identifier> - Delete npc type
  • /plobby bypass - Bypass world rules
  • /plobby setup <template> - &7Allows you to setup a template of npcs
  • /plobby editor - Allows you to edit the plugin in-game
  • /plobby reload - Reload all PhoenixLobby configuration files

Aliases: phoenixlobby, plobby

  • /spawn - Teleport to spawn location
  • /setspawn - Set spawn location
  • /servers - Game menu
  • /setspawn - Lobby selector

Proxy (Bungeecord & Velocity)

  • /queue <server> - Join the queue for a specific server
  • /server <server> - Join the queue for a specific server (requires setup)
  • /leavequeue - Leave current queue


General Permissions

  • phoenixlobby.admin
  • phoenixlobby.bypass.antiwdl
  • phoenixlobby.bypass.doublejump
  • phoenixlobby.alert.antiwdl

World Permissions

  • phoenixlobby.item.drop
  • phoenixlobby.item.pickup
  • phoenixlobby.player.pvp
  • phoenixlobby.block.interact
  • phoenixlobby.block.break
  • phoenixlobby.entity.interact
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Recent Reviews

See the comments about this product

about 1 month ago

After 5 months using phoenixLobby, I can't say anything bad about it, all are good opinions regarding this great plugin. It is possibly the best lobby plugin you can find! You have support for all versions of Minecraft since 1.8 and it has almost no dependencies. Any problem you have with the plugin, the support they provide is the best and they also listen to their community to add extras to the plugin. You won't regret it if you buy it!

Greg Williams
5 months ago

Very good plugin. It saves us so much time instead of having to find multiple plugins(which would cost more than phoenix lobby) and is very easy to use. Setup only took a few minutes.

Zachary Knight
6 months ago

Amazing plugin, I was wary about buying plugins that I haven't heard of before but this caught my eye. The ease of editing, the fast support, and the integrations they've added into this plugin. I'll definitely be buying more soon.

Ramses Rodriguez
8 months ago

I WOULD 100% RECOMEND THIS PLUGIN for bungeecord servers or velocity or waterfall servers