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Phoenix Crates

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Phoenix Lobby

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Phoenix Duels

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Phoenix Duels

Pvp Duels Arenas Plugins
PhoenixDuels, is a revolutionary plugin that simplifies duels. Say goodbye to outdated and confusing plugins. With PhoenixDuels, you'll enjoy an easy-to-use in-game editor and a range of features that make your life easy and enhance your experience.
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Key Stats

  • Duels for any team size
  • Arena Regeneration
  • Versatile Compatibility
  • No Dependencies
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Minecraft Versions: 1.8-1.20+
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What is Phoenix Duels?
PhoenixDuels is a powerful plugin designed for server owners who want to take their dueling game to the next level. With our user-friendly in-game editor and comprehensive range of features, PhoenixDuels makes it easy to create, manage and customize duels on your server.
Features and Functionality.
Discover the full range of features offered by Phoenix Duels on our comprehensive Wiki. Engage players with thrilling one-on-one battles, customizable arenas, and a wide selection of game modes.
Installation and Configuration.
Phoenix Duels is incredibly user-friendly. There are no dependencies required, simply drop the plugin into your server's plugins folder and start using it. You can easily customize everything in-game without the need for complicated configuration files. Enjoy a seamless setup process and effortlessly engage your players with amazing fights.
Customization Options.
Personalize your duels system with Phoenix Duels' extensive customization options. Tailor the arenas, rules, and game modes to match your server's unique style and gameplay. Create memorable duels with captivating effects, sounds, and visual enhancements that will keep your players coming back for more.
Support and Updates.
We're here to support you every step of the way. Reach out to our active Discord community for any questions or concerns. Stay tuned for regular updates, packed with new features, to keep your duels system fresh and engaging.

Main Features of Our Plugin

Discover the key features our plugin offers to enhance your server.

Duels for any team size

Offer exciting team-based battles. Support intense 1v1 duels, powerful 2v2 alliances, and chaotic 3v3/4v4 clashes.

Arena Regeneration

Enable your players to freely build and destroy the arena during duels.

User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy an intuitive interface for easy management and configuration of the duels system.

Player Kit Editor

Let yours players create personalized layouts, selecting preferred slots for the kit.

Versatile Compatibility

Seamlessly integrate Phoenix Duels across different Minecraft versions for broad accessibility.

No Dependencies

Our plugin does not require any dependencies. Just download and use it.


  • Made to fit any server type. (practice, rankup, factions, etc...)
  • Duels 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and FFA for private arenas.
  • Duels with own inventory & custom kit.
  • Support for custom, unranked and ranked matches (Elo System)
  • Kit Editor Per Player
  • Arena Regeneration.
  • Allow any items/money Betting (Requires vault)
  • Quick Play option (Be able to play unranked/ranked matchs)
  • Player Menus can be changed to support bedrock clients.
  • Fully GUI /duels menu, party/stats/leaderboard/kit layouts/settings included.
  • Lost Items System (Prevention of item delivery to offline or full inventory players.)
  • Fully customizable easy to use in-game editor.
  • Arena and modes configuration per file.
  • Possibility to create and play custom matches.
  • Kit Preview/Editor ingame.
  • Ability to spectate matchs.
  • Queue system for unranked/ranked matchs.
  • Hex colors supported.
  • Support PlaceholderAPI for commands.
  • Support for MySQL, MariaDB and SQLite.
  • Whitelist/Backlist commands.
  • Toggleable duels request per player.
  • Placeholders for total wins/losses/draws/kills/deaths, win/lost/kills/deaths streak
  • Public match status broadcast (who won)
  • Security system in cases of crashes.
  • Easily editable yml files.
  • Customizable Menus.
  • It has no dependency. Install the plugin and it's ready to use.


  • Allow regeneration when using WorldEdit.
  • Region for protection and regeneration.
  • Can allow multiple modes.
  • Can teleport for the lobby or the last position.
  • Multiple spawn locations per team.
  • FFA Position.

Arena Mode

  • Supports own inventory or kit (custom items)
  • Supports any custom item for kits.
  • Kit Editor ingame.
  • Custom cooldown for playing this arena mode again.
  • Supports for multiple rounds.
  • Permission Requirement. (Only players with this permission can start a match)
  • Rules that allow you to build any game mode you want.
    • Arrow on ground despawn, Remove Empty bottle rules
    • Disable Crafting Slots, Elytra, Ender Pearl, Totem rules
    • Ender Pearl cooldown, Golden Apple cooldown, GOD Apple cooldown rules
    • Golden Head, Soup, Boxing (Soon), Spleef, Pressureplate instant win rules
    • No Damage, hit delay, hunger, natural Regen rules
    • Touch water die, Touch lava die, Touch void die, Water slowly damage rules
  • Custom Scoreboard per mode.
  • Pre-configured premade kits.
  • Winner/Loser/Start Commands.


  • External Spectating for custom matchs.
  • Supported Plugins (Factions, combat plugins, pets plugins, etc..)
  • + Don't see something here that you are looking for? Let us know on discord!

Why choose Phoenix Duels?

Are you tired of old and outdated duels plugins that no longer meet your server's needs? Here's why you should choose our plugin:

  • Designed for all server types, such as practice, factions, survival, prison, and much more.
  • Support 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and FFA for private arenas.
  • Modern, user-friendly menus for easy party management, leaderboards, player kits editor, and more.
  • Exclusive features not supported or poorly functioning in other plugins.
Duels Menu Showcase

Migrating to Phoenix Duels

PhoenixDuels offers a seamless import feature, allowing you to effortlessly import arenas from popular plugins like Duels and soon Strike Practice.

No more suffering through tedious manual configurations. With PhoenixDuels, you can make the switch in a snap.

Migration system

Screenshots ingame

Take a look at some screenshots ingame.

In-game Editor - Arena mode

In-game Editor - Arena

Duels Menu - Party

Duels Menu - Stats

Duels Menu - Settings


See the main videos of our plugin and how it works.

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Recent Reviews

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about 1 month ago

Amazing plugin -- consistently adding brilliant new features! If you need a Duels plugin then absolutely go all out for this one!

5 months ago

Definitely a recommendation for any modern Practice servers that are looking for a duel plugin, the plugin met all my expectations for a basic duel setup with customization from A-Z while being easy to use. Support is top notch, probably the best support i've ever had from a developer.

5 months ago

Was worth ALL of my money, amazing 10/10 buy this, Its worth it! One suggestion is maybe adding AI bots, maybe this is a feature and im blind but other than that, amazing!

7 months ago

Worth every cent. This is a quality plugin. I can't wait to see what else Splitrox comes up with.