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Phoenix Crates Showcase Image

Phoenix Crates

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Phoenix Lobby

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Phoenix Duels

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Phoenix Crates

Crates Animations Plugins
Phoenix Crates is one of the most exclusive and unique crate plugin you can find on the market. With a super customized animation system that allows more than 120 combinations of animations, we also support customized models and customized items. It's time for you to take your server to another level.
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Key Stats

  • Engaging Animations
  • Reward System
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Versatile Compatibility
  • No Dependencies
  • Full Customization
  • Minecraft Versions: 1.8-1.20.4
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What is Phoenix Crates?
Phoenix Crates is a very unique crates plugin with exceptional animations that will take your server to another level.
Features and Functionality.
Discover the full range of features offered by Phoenix Crates on our comprehensive Wiki. Explore enchanting animations, captivating rewards, and customizable options that will elevate your players' experience.
Installation and Configuration.
Phoenix Crates is incredibly user-friendly. There are no dependencies required, simply drop the plugin into your server's plugins folder and start using it. You can easily customize everything in-game without the need for complicated configuration files. Enjoy a seamless setup process and effortlessly engage your players with captivating animations and rewards.
Customization Options.
Personalize your crate system with Phoenix Crates' extensive customization options. Create a unique atmosphere on your server by choosing enchanting particle effects, captivating sounds, and visually stunning animations. Make every reward a memorable experience for your players.
Support and Updates.
We're here to support you every step of the way. Reach out to our active Discord community for any questions or concerns. Stay tuned for regular updates, packed with new features and enhancements, to keep your crate system fresh and engaging.

Main Features of Our Plugin

Discover the key features our plugin offers to enhance your server.

Engaging Animations

Excite players with captivating crate animations, creating anticipation in every opening.

Reward System

Implement a dynamic rewards system, offering valuable prizes to keep players engaged.

User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy an intuitive interface for easy management and configuration of the crate system.

Versatile Compatibility

Seamlessly integrate Phoenix Crates across different Minecraft versions for broad accessibility.

No Dependencies

Our plugin does not require any dependencies. Just download and use it.

Full Customization

Personalize every detail of the crate system to suit your server's style and preferences.

Opening Animations

Currently there are over 120 possible combinations to have in the opening animation. There are even some phases of the opening animations that support custom color. Take a look at some of the opening combinations below.

Opening Ball Animation
Ball Animation
Opening Compact Animation
Compact Animation
Opening Default Animation
Default Animation
Opening Fire  Animation
Fire Animation
Opening Key Opener Animation
Key Opener Animation

Idle Animations

Idle animations is the animation category where you can create your own completely customized animation, all these steps are explained on the Wiki but below are some animations you can do

Idle Default Animation
Default Animation
Idle Water Animation
Water Animation
Idle Fire Animation
Fire Animation
Idle Ender Animation
Ender Animation


See the main videos of our plugin and how it works.

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Recent Reviews

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about 2 months ago

Needless to say, it is the best crates plugin in the entire community. Worth every penny spent. The animations are fantastic, creative and can be customized to the max. You can see the effort they put into making these plugins, and they're always up to date. My server users are really happy, congratulations to the development team!

2 months ago

Phoenix-Crates is a very good crates plugin. I think it's very good. It's worth buying

3 months ago

Very good plugin. It took some getting used to at first because you came from a different crate plugin. The support will help you if you don't understand something Recommended yes.

3 months ago

The BEST crate plugin on the market, really easy to use, simple GUI and customizable I really suggest buying it if you need a crate plugin