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Halloween Model Pack

Crates Tools Animated Phoenixcrates Halloween Models
Halloween Model Pack V.1 is your ultimate Halloween game-changer. You can count on spooky crate models with animations for a immersive experience. This model pack can be used together with Phoenix Crates as well as any other plugin. Furthermore this pack also works completely in vanilla java and bedrock.
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Key Stats

  • 4 Crate included
  • Animated Models
  • Vanilla Support
  • Model Engine Support
  • IA/Oraxen Configurations
  • Minecraft Version: 1.16.5+
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Halloween Impact on Servers

Did you know that servers earn a significant chunk of their income during holidays and special events?

Holidays boost your server activity, leading to more player engagement. Servers frequently offer enticing promotions and unique seasonal content to delight and entertain their community.

Duels Menu Showcase

This pack includes

  • 4 crate variations
  • 4 key variations
  • 6 Model Animations (full, idle, open, shaking, key, close)
  • 8 Blockbench files
  • Pre-made resource pack for java and bedrock (geyser, tested on 1.19.2)
  • Instructions on how to use the pack in-game

Model Previews

Rotating Bat Crate Rotating Bat Crate
Opening Bat Crate Opening Bat Crate
Rotating Witch Crate Rotating Witch Crate
Opening Witch Crate Opening Witch Crate
Rotating Skeleton Crate Rotating Skeleton Crate
Opening Skeleton Crate Opening Skeleton Crate
Rotating Demon Crate Rotating Demon Crate
Opening Demon Crate Opening Demon Crate


  • The animations in-game are only possible using plugins like Model Engine (free or paid).
  • You can use this models in java versions without any additional plugins using Item Frames.
  • You can only use this models in bedrock versions using the head of an armorstand. Our allows you to do this.
  • This pack only works on versions that support Custom Model Data.
  • It is important to remember that Model Engine free only allows a maximum of 6 models.

Showcase In-Game

Video recorded with Phoenix Crates & Animations Addon

How to setup with Phoenix Crates

You can use /pcrates setup halloweenpackv1 models <model_engine/vanilla>

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