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Npc Model Pack V.1

Npcs Animated Phoenixlobby Models
Npc Model Pack V.1 is the ultimate solution to bring life to your server! With its stunning collection of npc models, this pack is the perfect addition to enhance the immersive experience of your players.
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Key Stats

  • 5 npcs
  • 5 avatars
  • Animated npcs
  • Model Engine required
  • Minecraft Version: 1.16.5+
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Introducing Npc Pack V.1

The ultimate solution to bring your server to life! With 5 stunning models - samurai, archer, paladin, viking, and knight - this pack is the perfect choice to enhance the immersive experience of your players.

Whether you're looking to populate your server with amazing npcs, or create your own story and adventure, Npc Model Pack V.1 has got you covered.

This pack includes

5 Npc Models 5 Npc Avatars

And also

  • 5 Blockbench files. (Can be used with Model Engine)
  • Simple MythicMobs scripts.
  • Pre-made resource pack.
  • Instructions on how to use the pack in-game.



  • This pack only works on versions that support Custom Model Data and supported for Model Engine (1.16.5+).
  • This models and animations will only work if you are using Model Engine. You can use the Model Engine for free
  • The pre-generated resource pack only contains the avatars as the models will need to be generated with Model Engine.
  • It is important to remember that Model Engine free only allows a maximum of 6 models. So if you want to use this pack with other models, you will need Model Engine Premium

Model Previews (drag)

Samurai Preview Rotation Samurai Preview Rotation
Samurai Idle Animation Samurai Idle Animation
Samurai Interaction Animation Samurai Interaction Animation
Archer Preview Rotation Archer Preview Rotation
Archer Idle Animation Archer Idle Animation
Archer Interaction Animation Archer Interaction Animation
Paladin Preview Rotation Paladin Preview Rotation
Paladin Idle Animation Paladin Idle Animation
Paladin Interaction Animation Paladin Interaction Animation
Knight Preview Rotation Knight Preview Rotation
Knight Idle Animation Knight Idle Animation
Knight Interaction Animation Knight Interaction Animation
Viking Preview Rotation Viking Preview Rotation
Viking Idle Animation Viking Idle Animation
Viking Interaction Animation Viking Interaction Animation

Showcase In-Game

Models In-Game Models In-Game Avatars In-Game Avatars In-Game
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11 months ago

These models are absolutely amazing! A solid 10/10 for the quality and support. 100% recommend!

Ethan Mitchel
12 months ago

Was unsure at first, but ended up loving it. Surprisingly great! Highly recommend!