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Simple Model Pack V.1

Crates Animated Modelengine Phoenixcrates Models
Simple Model Pack V.1 is a set of unique and beautiful models prepared for your server where the need to have several crate types exists. This model pack can be used together with Phoenix Crates as well as any other plugin. Furthermore this pack also works completely in vanilla java and bedrock.
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Key Stats

  • 6 Crate/Keys
  • Animated Models
  • Model Engine Compability
  • Bedrock Compability
  • Minecraft Version: 1.16.5+
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Introducing Simple Pack V1

A collection of 6 unique crate styles for your Minecraft Server. Each crate style uses the same base model, but features a different set of textures and color variants to choose from.

This pack is a great way to add some variety to your Minecraft world and make your builds stand out. With 6 different styles to choose from, you'll have plenty of options to fit your specific server needs. The pack is easy to install and use, supporting java and bedrock versions.

Add some variety to your Minecraft server with our Simple Pack V1 today.

This pack includes

  • 6 crate variations
  • 6 key variations
  • Opening Animations (shake, open, open jumping, full)
  • 12 Blockbench files
  • Pre-made resource pack for java and bedrock (geyser, tested on 1.19.2)
  • Instructions on how to use the pack in-game
  • Oraxen Configuration Files
  • ItemsAdder Configuration Files

Model Previews

Rotating Preview Rotation
Opening Animation Opening Animation


  • The animations in-game are only possible using plugins like Model Engine (free or paid).
  • You can use this models in java versions without any additional plugins using Item Frames.
  • You can only use this models in bedrock versions using the head of an armorstand. Our allows you to do this.
  • This pack only works on versions that support Custom Model Data.
  • It is important to remember that Model Engine free only allows a maximum of 6 models.

Showcase In-Game

Models In-Game Models In-Game
Rotating Opening Animation #1

This video was recorded using PhoenixCrates

Opening Animation Opening Animation #2

This video was recorded using PhoenixCrates



How to setup with Phoenix Crates

This pack can be used in any other crate plugin as well as in vanilla but using it with Phoenix Crates has its advantages.

Instead of setup everything manuallly you can use /pcrates setup simplepackv1 <model_engine/vanilla>

Opening crates menu editor

After opening the crate editor, it will be necessary to change the engine that Phoenix Crates will use to Model Engine (free or paid). Remembering that Model Engine need to have a version higher than R3.0.0.

How to implement with Phoenix Crates #1 Changing the Model name

Defining model name

Next, just right-click on the previous option to see the menu shown below. Then just add the model id.

How to implement with Phoenix Crates #2 How to implement with Phoenix Crates #2

Defining animations

In case you want to add custom animations, as Phoenix Crates works in phases (3 in specific ones), you can, with this pack, define an animation for the first phase with the name shake and for the second phase with the name open

How to implement with Phoenix Crates #3 How to implement with Phoenix Crates #3
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Recent Reviews

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SkyHigh Studios
6 months ago

By far the best looking animations I've come across. We'll worth the price! Crates look awesome keys look great and the opening animations are awesome. Splitrox has top notch customer service and is always fast to reply. 11/10 definitely recommend this to anyone looking for amazing crates with custom animations and textures.

about 1 year ago

As the description says... simple and working with nice animations for fair price. Definitely worth buying.

over 1 year ago

Simple, efficace, prix abordable et un travail complet. Fonctionne à la perfection C'est impeccable, j'achèterais encore !

over 1 year ago

I'm really enjoying these models. It's fantastic, and works like a charm. I wonder what else they'll release soon after...